Catering & Workshops


Outdoor Cooking

The Green Chef strongly believes that there is nothing more fulfilling than wandering around in nature picking a bit here, a bit there, crushing, smelling and nibbling. Outdoor cooking is for all nature lovers who want to learn more about back to basic cooking. Let’s cook together!


€ 35.00 pp | Min. 6 | approx. 2,5 hours


Seaweed Workshops

This workshop is for all ocean lovers who want to learn more about the basics of seaweed and how to cook with them. We will search for local  seaweeds and learn what makes them special. Together we will taste some yummy seaweed snacks and enjoy its rich unami flavors! Check the AGENDA for the next workshop or book a private workshop!


Seaweed Stroll

€ 17.50 pp | Min. 6 | approx. 1,5 hours


Seaweed Cooking

€ 35.00 pp | Min. 6 | approx. 2,5 hours


Vega/n Catering

Planning your event or private dinner? The Green Chef loves to cook for you! Vega/n food cooked and served right at your place. Please feel free to contact and discuss about menu, budget and setting!

did you say discount?


If you book a seaweed workshop or outdoor cooking event for more than 6 people, you will receive a 10% discount!